Private coaching means that you take on the serious commitment of personal mastery – I only consider students who have long term vision to remain in the trading business for an extended period of time, and I consider students who exhibit a desire to be a great force in their chosen profession.

I am a professional trading coach and require the same level of dedication from my students. Learning to trade stocks just for the money is not the proper motivation for a career like this one – it will never be enough for you to hold on through the difficulties you will encounter mastering this long term endeavor. There are no short cuts or get rich quick spaces for the professional. Each professional in their chosen occupation arrives through general success principles.

If you, however, possess the desire to be more, to do more, to live life more fully, and completely – and you are willing to dedicate your time, talent, and resources to the pursuit of excellence – the world shall be your oyster.

I take only four students per quarter as I spend a great deal of them developing them – current fees are $2500 -$4500 per quarter, depending on the level of interaction desired. There is normally a waiting list due to extremely limited slots, so apply early.

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