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We are just before the NFP and French elections – either of which could move the market all around – I will be sure to add new setups on Sunday/Monday night 

We will have midweek recaps while I am away


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The Silver and Gold Membership recap and what executed today – with notes on the charts in general.

Non-farm payroll and French elections are a concern to the markets currently


CVX – Very a nice support zone and a likely bounce into resistance, so this is triggered at a zone that will lift into resistance – likely a swift trade that we will take short at the reversal space

MCD – Moving into our second entry short

IBB – 1/4 sz left, but I do not plan to add back to the short as charts are uncertain.  When you do try to sell the puts, send out a price at limit or the fill will be unfavorable

CAT – Both entries ready now – this chart is a bit precarious with a gap that shows strong signs of holding.  It could move to 97.7 which is below our stop but I am unwilling to increase the risk here

NFLX- No exhaustion yet – it may be that we have one more bounce here before we fade into important support

MSFT- 68.8 is a support zone so we will watch to see if we need to bring the short entry down

GE- Still waiting for the entry here – if we have surprises that pull the chart back we should get this favorable entry

SMH – A countertrend short might also work here is the chart spikes up to 82 but you would need to look at that from an intraday perspective.  Chart is stalled into market data tomorrow

DAL – Both sides are still set to execute – but as many charts, this one is stalled