Trading Resources

Trading Resources

Trading Results

Watching day trading systems in action is critical to understanding elemental trading concepts but seeing results are even more important. To see the published live trades and results of prior credit spreads and other positions, click this link.

Keep a Trading Journal

Discipline, structure, following rules, and properly assessing risk are the hallmarks of professionals in the trading world. Don’t have a trading journal. Learn how to keep one and how to use one – FREE Download!

Latest Reading

Brian Lund’s ‘Trading: The Best of The Best – Top Trading Tips for Our Times’ features some great traders =) and is now available here FREE! Here’s a link to a post on Prospect Theory in the Face of Uncertainty – written in part by Daniel Kahneman. Nobel Prize winner and behavioral psychologist.

Interested in learning about the free trade ideas and lessons we often have? Here’s a recent trade setup in HLF – Herbalife -it is ongoing as of this print and doing very well. Register on the home page and you’ll gain access to studies and trades like these.

Recent Interviews

Anne-Marie is frequently interviewed as she travels. Here are some recent Q&A sessions with Tim Bourquin of The Traders Expo and Ideas for Download.

When Should You Stay Out of the Market?Using Fibonacci to Make Great TradesHow Market Sentiment Can Help with Trading Decisions

Setting Realistic Goals

One of the most difficult things for a new trader to do is set realistic goals. We all want to turn $1000 into a $1,000,000 – but how reasonable is that based on your current skill set and how often does this happen among real trading professionals who spend a lifetime honing their skills. If you want to ensure your success and learn how to assess expectations, goals and avoid the failure many day trading beginners experience, click here.

Publications Synopses

Interested in the details of The Trading Book, and The Trading Book Course Workbook? Click here to Register free and receive “The Mechanics of Letting Winners Run” from the newest publication, filled with a treasure trove of day trading tips and skill applications.

The Importance of Proper Training

Would you go to a doctor who had two weeks of work experience or got all their knowledge from a stream of blogs, tweets, and books? Why then, would you take the health of your portfolio or trading capital into your own hands without the proper trading, practice and experience. Read here why concentrated and focused study, a practice trading account, and exposure to markets in a live environment without exposing yourself to loss is the ideal way to learn and master day trading stocks. Do it right, or risk losing all your capital.

Special Topic – Trading and Time Frame Analysis

Why does it seem that swing traders and investors perform better overall than day traders? The answer is simple – the exposure to risk, the frequency of decision making, and the patience and discipline required to execute time after time makes the day trading endeavour much more difficult as our decisions are amplified. How can we amplify exposure to the market in positive ways and outperform our investor counterparts? View the video.

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