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My sole goal in offering these membership is to provide a road map to successful trading for each member. Each of us comes with varying skill sets, and we much quickly determine just how strong we are. Be honest with yourself about your skills and then move forward. Try to use the membership to fill in the gaps in your skills….there are lots of opportunities here to do that.


Regardless of the level of membership you choose, you’ll find a great deal of information to help you trade at an higher level and master the swing trading system.
I am a highly structured trader; it is the reason I am consistently successful. If you desire consistency in your results, you must be consistent in your trading behavior.
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As a member, you will receive emails from me each day; the morning post – most days, it will be just one – but if we have a great deal of activity, you may see up to four a day.

The morning post comes from the Members blog and every membership level should go to this morning post each day and review all the information. There will be a place at your particular membership level to log in. Once you sign in, please return to the blog post for the unlocked information.

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Trading well means paying attention.  Reading carefully, following directions, and paying attention to setups and instructions inside of your spreadsheet or trade write-ups is critical.  Every trade is evaluated at the end of each day AFTER the trigger goes off.  This gives us all a chance to enter using a limit order the following day IF THE FORMATION IS CORRECT.  You will always have an update at the end of each day or before the beginning of the trading day alerting you to the strategic action event.

Here’s the link to the actual page on how to use the Treasure Maps

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** Notice from August, 2015 – Half sized entries continue to be the hallmark of my current exposure levels in the market here, and I will also be expanding stops to make them a bit wider to hold some of these trades longer.  Many of the trades we have had stopped out have come into targets we initially set.  

Charts remained coiled and indecisive -use caution trading-

Please make sure you look at Silver positions as well – these are important

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Today, I received an email seeking clarification on entry for the AAPL trade-

Here is the note I sent, and do hope that you can use the information to further clarify how to use the information –

” The triggers do not only occur because of price.  Sometimes, it triggers on a particular momentum indicator, or on a particular formation that needs to occur that I see unfolding.

I have a limit order waiting to short the stock at the price, so AAPL trade is not yet triggered, even today as I knew it would rise again, but as soon as those prices come in, the trade will execute.  That is the nature of the limit order.  It allows us to take the trade at a price that is a premium for us that will minimize our risk and maximize returns.
I am currently looking at half sized positions to minimize risk.
So I enter with 5 contracts as quarter sized for me
You can choose three ways to enter the trade- you may do one or all if you want all the exposure (but I would not recommend it in this environment)
Short the stock
Buy the long put I suggest
Sell the short call spread I suggest.
It does matter what expiration you choose but you are free to do as you choose, the returns and levels of reliability will shift if you choose options that are closer or further out.  I am just giving the options enough time to allow the stock to do what it should. “

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Important guidelines for day trading success below
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Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 2.42.58 AM
Trading well means that rules are followed properly. SPY, Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership require a simple set of rules to follow each day. If you want to stay green, being organized and structured is IMPERATIVE.
Though the triggers are straightforward, most of us who subscribe to trading services like these have limited execution skills in the market (in a consistent and consistently profitable manner for an extended period of time).
It is the reason you desire the additional structure of a service like this. If at any time, you do not understand completely what you are supposed to do in a trade, please email me before you put your hard earned capital at risk. It is foolish to trade with your capital if your skill set is weak. You will lose so much money that in the end, you will run out of money before you learn how to trade