FIVE Active, TWO Action Event Triggers- 

Many trade setups are in a wait state with the market at a teetering point- the market is giving us sideways prints but edging up in holiday trading.  Abbreviated trading day today



Consider the timing service as a supplemental service to assist you in finding the best trades and knowing what side of the trade to sit on when you are positioning.  I use it – and the results link above speaks for itself.  I will release a video on how I use it in the next couple of days

 I still believe we are range bound and must choose wisely with our swings.  We appear to be testing lower support levels

Every day does not present a high probability set of executions.

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—-All my positions and decisions noted, as well as my trade selections solely follow the concepts associated with the trading strategies I use and are considered illustrative of a strategy in play showing consistency over the long haul.  They are my personal trades that I choose to publish as a guide to follow along.

IMPORTANT – Do remember that gaps up into the direction of trades INVALIDATES the opening long triggers; and gaps down into the direction of trades INVALIDATES the opening short triggers – this is also true of charts which gap into stops, as gaps will retrace often – gaps, in general, are very dangerous to allow a chart to fill.

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** In general, I am positioning smaller sizes and trigger points will be short at resistance and long of support- I am using bracketed orders into 1st and 2nd targets; and also short spreads during the messy forms.  Using caution, as always.

*****When you see a blue square at the action event, or an orange highlighted box with the stock name, it means it is time to execute the order for the following day.  An orange box is a reminder that an action event is coming.

Light blue boxes are either active or set up to be active.  White boxes are closed trades.

Please download the excel spread directly here for the daily update today.

DROPBOX LINK to the excel spreadsheet -this is what you’ll need to access to see the most recent changes
Please download the dropbox link for the trade updates so you can see the images as I am remote this entire week


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 16.38.20

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