Join us for the following webinar – From our 2012 lunch and learn series
Attendees will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win the newly released Market Mind Games

Denise Shull presents “Surprising (Psychological) Findings about Interpreting Price Action”

BIO: Denise Shull is a globally recognized trailblazer in the psychology of risk. A leading theoretician in how the human brain perceives and decides in the midst of uncertainty and a bit of a polymath, she is most well known for her practical explanations of Behavioral Finance and Neuroeconomic research. A member of CME Group, who specializes in trading index futures and occasionally currency futures. In addition to offering workshops and coaching for traders and their firms, Shull has become a popular national speaker and writer on emotions in trading and trading psychology. Shull has appeared on CNBC, ABC World News Tonight, The Discovery Channel, Cavuto and PBS’ Nightly Business report. An acclaimed and entertaining speaker for such companies as Bank of America and BNY Mellon, she also writes the provocative blog Psychological Capital and has contributed to Thompson Reuters, SFO Magazine, CME Group, and AllAboutAlpha.

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