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About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie’s background, her trading journey and her passion for trading and coaching

HTF OTF Technology

The elements of consistent and successful trading revolve around one thing – understanding market structure

Trade Setups

How do our trade setups work ? Simple, straightforward and before the market opens, so you can get your trades ready for execution.  Read on –


Visit here for a list of released trades, or review the blog.  All results older than 30 days are unlocked

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Professional Market Timing

Trading well means understanding your environment and preparing for success.  Here’s how we do it

Active Trade Triggers and Trade Management

Futures Trader

Follow state of the art technology through the market action, live morning and afternoon trading with Hamzei Analytics, live and daily video updates for members


Swing and Day Traders

Reliable daily, weekly, and monthly trade setups for the short term swing trader – when to enter, when to exit, and where to place stops for consistent returns


Features and Benefits at The Trading Book

Tools of the Trade

Often, trading well means avoiding poorly designed trades.  Here’s breakdown of how we look at the trading space


Whether you are an active day trader or a short term swing trader, The Trading Book has options for you

The Best Technology for Swing Traders

Market Timing Trading Technology represents ‘state of the art’ tools that predict market direction in remarkable ways each day

Understanding the Markets

Invaluable information from Brian Shannon to you, the active trader, as you discover core elements of market structure

HFT OTF Trading Technology

Learn to trade using the most reliable trading structures in the market – with a proprietary technology better than any other!

Proper Trade Execution

The markets can be traded with a variety of instruments -learn about them here and discover which path to success is best suite to you